Recaero recomposes its shareholding, with the entry of Pechel Industries which injects € 8.5 million. Ixo, Irdi, Multicroissance and ACE Management exited, valuing the company about twenty million euros.

In-depth change in Recaero’s capital

The Ariège manufacturer of spare parts for the aerospace industry is organizing the exit of its industrial and financial shareholders (Ixo, Irdi, Multicroissance and ACE Management), replaced by Pechel Industries.

The new entrant injects € 8.5m, roughly as much through a capital increase as convertible bonds according to our information.

It replaces the Ixo Private Equity, Irdi and Multicroissance regional investors, as well as Ace Management, one of whose main subscribers is Airbus, and the aircraft manufacturer itself, which continues to divest non-strategic assets after separated from Cassidian Test & Services.