The specialist in training in the healthcare and medico-social sector with € 2.5 million in revenues will join the diversified group of € 1.1 billion in revenues, MNH Group.
L’Entreprise Médicale opens its capital for the first time since its creation more than twenty years ago. As a new shareholder, the company specializing in training professionals in the healthcare and medico-social sectors will be advised by the DDA & Company teams. Following a process begun in 2015, the cedant, Dr. François Prieur, its director and founder, will continue to play a leadership role. Within five years, the purchaser will hold all of the shares. Employing five people, its turnover in the year 2016 is close to €3M.

Revenues of € 1.1 billion

Assets in insurance (MNH), bank (Banque Française Mutualiste), media (Le Daily du Médecin, the daily newspaper of the Pharmacist, Hospimedia) and services for the healthcare sector (Keldoc, Comelec …) With this operation, MNH Group is working on development synergies thanks to the pooling of client files but also costs. In addition, the acquired SME will complete its training offer, following the acquisition of a majority stake in Izeos in 2014, specialized in on-line training of healthcare professionals (see below). Employing 3,800 people, MNH Group has mainly developed with external growth. It generated, in 2016, a turnover of € 1.1 billion.