DDA & Company represented the shareholders of Kalibox, a manufacturer of temperature controlled packagingf for the healthcare sector including a wide range of insulated packaging, insulated pallet shippers, reusable iceboxes and cooling travel bags for patients, on its sale to US Group C SAFE.

The manufacturer of isothermal packaging solutions of €6.6 million revenue is backed by his colleague CSafe. The specialist in isothermal pallets for pharmaceutical use, which generated a turnover of €6.6 million in 2015, goes under the American flag, joining an industrial also specialized in logistic thermoregulation solutions. The acquirer, CSafe Global, based in Dayton, Ohio, is taking a first step in France and diversifying its international clients portfolio. Under a long two-year divestment process led by DDA & Company, Kalibox is finally finding the industrial profile to support its international development.