ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in virtual prototyping, today announces the acquisition of Swedish company Efield; European specialist in electromagnetic virtual simulation solutions.

Founded in 2006, Efield has developed a set of solutions for virtual simulation of electromagnetic emissions of electric or electronic installations or devices, with the objective of assessing electromagnetic interference or disruption. These solutions, originally aimed at the aeronautical and defence sectors, are quickly becoming essential for the increasing proportion of manufactured products that incorporate mechatronics or electronic components.

Based near Stockholm in Sweden, Efield is represented by resellers in Europe and Asia (Japan, Korea, India and China). It employs only 5 people but has a prestigious client base that includes Saab AB, BAE Systems, Ericsson and the China Helicopter Institute.

This acquisition supplements ESI Group’s current electromagnetic offering, and addresses a fast-growing and increasingly regulated sector; one that is important because of the growing use of electronics in manufactured products.

Acquisition of Efield furthers the drive of ESI Group towards diversification; in industry, with presence in aeronautics, electronics and defence, and in international distribution, through direct presence in Scandinavia.

The transaction is for 100% of Efield’s capital and is effective as of 9th December 2011. The company’s annual revenue was approximately 0.4 million euros in 2010, with significant proportion from repeat sales to existing clients.