ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading provider of Virtual Engineering solutions, today announces the acquisition of CyDesign Labs, a US company based in the Silicon Valley that owns a disruptive proprietary technology for advanced product design. Aligned with ESI Group’s proven strategy that fosters the gradual elimination of physical prototypes, this acquisition brings a major technology leap to accelerate industrial product and process development.

Founded in 2011, CyDesign, a start-up company, was awarded a significant contract in early 2012 by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to support the Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground (FANG) Challenge. The FANG program undertakes a novel approach to the design and manufacturing of complex defense systems through a series of prize-based design competitions leveraging novel tools developed under the DARPA META program. Earlier this year, CyDesign successfully delivered a cloud-based system modeling platform for use by FANG Challenge registrants.