The association of Wooxo and Atempo signed on August 31st 2017 gives birth to a new international champion of Professional Data Protection and Business Continuity.

A key move

Wooxo and Atempo – Data protection software solutions provider for mid-market and large enterprise customers through backup and archiving of big data in Europe, USA and Asia – are now working together under the supervision of Luc d’URSO, Wooxo CEO.

Created in 1992, Atempo is a French software publisher who just anounced that it began operations as a fully independent company following the completion of its sale from ASG Technologies.

Both specialized in complementary fields, Wooxo and Atempo decided to combine their efforts.
« This new entity can satisfy the needs of 100% of the professional market segments », says Luc D’Urso. « In this new Group, Wooxo will enter a new growth phase and will be able to anticipate future needs for business continuity. As for Atempo, it will now be part of an organization where their technology and expertise is a core part of the business. »

A new power against Cyberattacks

With this new partnership, Wooxo offers the possibility to properly protect all sized clients against cyberattacks.
Facing organized cybercrime, and sophisticated international cyberattacks, we need to emphasize europeen players who have a serious strike force in reaserch and development and a distribution network with international cover to be up to the task.

With more than 150 experienced employees and a consolidated turnover exceeding 20 million euros, the new Atempo-Wooxo Group enters the Truffle 100 of french software publishers, and reaches direclty the 50th place.

In this exceptionnal perspective Wooxo begins this new season, more than ever determined to fight Cybercrime.