New York, NY and Paris France – March 29, 2024

Founded three decades ago, AdaCore builds development and verification tools for the Ada, SPARK, C/C++, and Rust programming languages, allowing customers to use multiple languages inside one integrated development environment.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of software development, where the demand for high integrity and secure software has never been more critical,” said Franco Gasperoni, Co-Founder and CEO of AdaCore. “Our partnership with Battery Ventures is a testament to our shared commitment to setting new benchmarks in the industry. With this strategic investment, AdaCore is poised to expand its technological horizons and reinforce its mission to provide developers and enterprises with the most reliable tools and assistance for building mission-critical systems.

Cyrille Comar, Co-Founder and President of AdaCore added: “We are very proud of the AdaCore team, who has worked for the last thirty years to harness the power of open-source software development tools to the benefit of critical systems developers across the aerospace, defense, transportation, and automotive industries.”

“We are thrilled that thanks to this strategic investment by Battery Ventures, AdaCore has found a long-established partner with a stellar reputation to further expand its leading market presence.” said Jean-Damien Perrier, Partner at DDA & Company.

The DDA & Company team, consisting of Jean-Damien Perrier and Didier Choix in New York and Alexandre Odin in Paris, served as exclusive financial advisor to AdaCore SAS shareholders, demonstrating again their expertise in the software and technology industry.

For further information about this transaction and DDA & Company, please visit or contact Jean-Damien Perrier, Partner in New York, at or Didier Choix, Founder of DDA & Company at