Paris, February 28th 2024,

DDA & Company assisted Steliau’s shareholders and advised on the capital reorganization with Astorg.

Steliau is a value-added distributor and integrator of electronic solutions for customers of all sizes (SMEs / ETIs or major accounts) operating in a wide range of business sectors.

Steliau‘s differentiating approach lies in its ability to understand its customers’ needs from the outset of a project, to work hand in hand with their teams and to provide them with tailor-made solutions. The company has experienced strong organic growth, mainly due to secular trends linked to electrification, digitalization and the high demand for connectivity. In a highly fragmented environment, Steliau stands out as a natural consolidator in the market, having already made five acquisitions in the last three years.

Astorg‘s acquisition of a stake in Steliau is a key step in the implementation of the company’s growth strategy. Astorg will provide Steliau with operational and strategic support to consolidate its position as market leader.

Stéphane Jouannaud, Chairman of Steliau, comments: “When we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey, Steliau was a Franco-French SME of around 15 people, highly specialized in a few electronic segments, with added value at the heart of the project. Today, Steliau has become a major electronic solutions provider, with 200 employees and operations in five countries. Our alliance with Astorg will enable us to jump into the next level and accelerate our development to become the undisputed European leader in our sector.”

Pascal Reynoud, CEO of Steliau, added: “We are delighted to launch this new phase in Steliau’s development and growth. We are proud to have chosen Astorg Partners, who will enable us to deploy and strengthen our strategy in new territories, as we aim to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market with ever greater expertise and responsiveness. With our teams and in each of our subsidiaries, we have built up a model that is unique in the market, and this new configuration will make it even stronger.”

Alain Sitbon, Partner at DDA & Company, concludes: “We are delighted with the progress made by B & Capital over the last 5 years and proud of the trust that the management has placed in us over the last 10 years in its development project.”

The DDA & Company team, comprising Alain Sitbon, Axel Marti-Flich and Florian Charrière, advised the shareholders of Steliau.