Expertimo celebrates its 10th anniversary with its two new partners Aymeric Gerin and Grégory Beurrier, driven by the ambition to bring together all entrepreneurs with significant experience in real estate transactions.

Expertimo is a network of experienced entrepreneurs who want to have the best services, especially digital, to optimize their client’s experience during a real estate transaction.

In 2021, the network supported more than 3,000 real estate transactions nationwide, for a turnover of €25m, growing by over 40% compared to 2020. Since 2019, the network is also active in Portugal.

With a focus on innovation, Expertimo considers its members as real business leaders, experts in real estate transactions, autonomous, and using the Expertimo platform as a toolbox which allows them to have, on demand, the many services offered by the company (training, coaching, legal assistance, CRM, electronic mandate…).

Commissions from real estate transactions are entirely collected by its members, Expertimo being paid almost exclusively from the monthly subscription to its platform.

This model allows Expertimo members to earn the highest commissions on the market, with an average of almost €50,000 per member.

The two founders of Expertimo, Luis Da Silva Domingues and Christophe Kieffer, are reinvesting a significant part in the transaction, convinced by the potential of development of the company they launched 10 years ago. Luis Da Silva Domingues remains Chairman and CEO of the company.

Luis Da Silva Domingues said: “I thank DDA & Company for facilitating this meeting with Aymeric Gerin and Grégory Beurrier. This will allow us to achieve our goal of becoming a major player in the real estate transaction industry.”

Christophe Kieffer, co-founder of Expertimo and co-manager of Activ’Expertise, added: “We are very happy to have concluded this transaction which will allow Expertimo to deploy its full potential.”

As an entrepreneur, Aymeric Gerin has acquired 20 years of expertise in specialized distribution, network management and SME management. He recently sold his 3 companies after they had reached €50m revenue and 130 employees.

On his side, Grégory Beurrier, contributed to the development of several French SMEs with strong potential. Recently, he supported the management of Fitness Park, a network of gyms with an innovative and attractive business model, which has grown in 10 years from 5 to over 200 gyms.

Aymeric Gerin and Grégory Beurrier, Expertimo’s new partners, add: “We are excited to join Luis, Christophe and the Expertimo team. And we are looking forward to writing a new page with them while keeping the DNA and the historical values of this amazing company.”

DDA & Company advised the shareholders of Réseau Expertimo in this transaction, with a team consisting of Agnès Marossero and Jean-Baptiste Delaporte.


Stakeholders in this Transaction


  • M&A advisors: DDA & Company (Agnès Marossero, Jean-Baptiste Delaporte)
  • Legal: Attorney Nicolas Sapir (Paris Bar)
  • Chartered Accountant: BS Experts (Stéphan Roux, Eric Sanchez)


  • Legal: Apollo Avocats (Guillaume de Ternay, Marie-Albane Pamard)
  • Financial Due Diligence: Repère Groupe (Julien Trelhu)


  • Banque Populaire Méditerranée (Caroline Tourrel)
  • Banque Populaire Val de France (Nathalie Tartanac)